My Seventh Blogging Anniversary

It is my seventh year in blogging :))

Thanks WordPress for the lovely reminder and for the laurel wreath ^_^ Though I am broke and unable to pay for my domain name stuff so my website has now the new special extension *.*

I would like to thank every newspaper, magazine and website who referred to my blog :$

Thanks to all my readers who read, comment or even share my posts on their pages via Facebook and Twitter ❤ ❤

Thanks to all my followers who re-blog some of my posts ❤ ❤

Thanks to everyone who nominated me for any writing prizes ❤ ❤

Thanks to the blogging community that join us together 😀 😀

Love you all,


PS- I hated my old weirdo posts so I throw them virtually in the WordPress trash.  Actually, I archived them. Please be hesitate to contact me if you are asking to read the old boring posts!